Japan’s Coronavirus IT Measures Are OK?


Japan’s countermeasures against coronavirus are being watched

from abroad with severe eyes.

It was difficult to respond to the Diamond Princess, and Japan was also lucky

Apparently, it was a pity that there was no means of tracking information after

the passengers got off.

The downside of Japanese policy is, of course, slow response, but no

information is released

I don’t know if I can believe the statements of the government including

Prime Minister Abe.

And none of the policies of Minister Takemoto in charge of IT were invented

and functioned.

Not having it is a big problem.

This time, it is a private small and medium-sized company, but he has

acted to support Mr. Takemoto’s mask measures.

I’ve seen it but it wasn’t accepted so let me tell you.


Comparison of IT Minister’s Japanese IT policy with Taiwan and other countries

First, let’s take a look at the news comparing Taiwan’s IT Minister and Takemoto Minister!

In Taiwan, the IT minister released mask inventory data to private IT programmers,

Inventory status can be monitored on a PC or smartphone.

In conjunction with insurance card information, etc., we also prevent buying up

at the same time.

Takemoto is Oops! I was at a party!

But he doesn’t seem to remember the name of the organizer.

He’s 79, so let’s condone!



Korea IT Policy

South Korea has published a map of infected people.

It may be mandatory to use the GPS of the smartphone of the infected person.

We can grasp with smartphone.

There is no tracking system in Japan.

It is difficult to stipulate penalties for infected people who visit restaurants,

saying “I will spread the virus!”

A similar fuss could be reproduced.

Some lawyers claim that they are “injury charges” and “powerful business

obstruction charges.”


So, here is the South Korean infected person tracking map.

Smartphone application




PC version



Both of the above seem to have been created by a private IT engineer

(one is a college student).

The source data was released by the government, but the expression

method is difficult to understand, so visually on the map

It seems to be easy to understand.

Due to my lack of research, location information when moving is forcibly

reported by smartphone GPS

The background, such as whether it works, is unknown.

m(_ _)m

China’s IT policy

Except for the personal information of the infected person, it seems that

details are disclosed including location information.



In China, information on infected people was disclosed as of February. Here too,

the penalties of the law are the same as in Korea

It is unknown whether personal location information is forcibly raised.

In my opinion, it is not self-reported.


Track individual behavior to find and isolate those who came from Wuhan and did not report, or isolate 100,000 visitors in the past week when infected people came out at department stores to isolate hundreds of people I did it. The location of the infected person will be revealed on the app map up to the apartment name.

In Japan, details of infected person information are also released

Infected person data from the site of a private IT company can be understood up to the region depending on the prefecture.

It is open to cities such as Hokkaido and Aichi Prefecture.

See the following articles:


I proposed IT policy to the Minister of IT in charge of Takemoto!

That means

An email was sent to the office of Minister Takemoto regarding IT policies.

I tried to propose an app!

No answer. Ignore it.

Well, I’m not going to be able to partner with a small business, so it can’t be helped.

You’ll be busy going out to parties, parties, etc. (Slightly ironic)

IT policy proposal

The following is the original text of the email, but my personal name is hidden.

Mr. Naoichi Takemoto, Minister

Headquarters office ○○○○

We become indebted to.
My name is ××××.

I want to contribute to society with IT with the new coronavirus.

① Mask stock map
②Disinfection and disinfection product inventory map
③ Infected person map

(Developed if advertising revenue or budget is generated)
④Inspection organization map
⑤Body temperature record input
You can register everyone’s voice with your smartphone app

⑥representative account
(It is not necessary to have a Twitter account)
⑦Contact information
⑧Barcode of insurance card
⑨Visit to hospital
Upload personal information of potentially infected individuals to hospitals, health centers, and laboratories

For ① and the above, it is necessary to provide shipping information from a private retail distribution warehouse.
In the opinion of small and medium-sized development companies, nothing can be done.
I want you to judge whether it is useless.

I think you’re busy attending parties, but the people are worried about this IT policy shortage.
Please reply with something.

Above, thank you.

Figure attached to email (mask stock map)
That’s e-mail.
Explanation of the above figure.
Smartphone application

1. Stores with masks in stock on map
2. If you touch the store, ③ display the mask inventory

Internet database

①. Sending shipping information from distribution centers to stores
②. Each store sends inventory the day before
③. Product inventory of masks = ① + ②

You should now be able to see the masked store on the map,

The biggest thing is that it will not be realized unless there is a loud voice (government?)

It is a weak point.

(In Taiwan, the government took the initiative.)

Any IT person can come up with it, but raise your hand because nobody is willing to do it

I just saw it, but as expected, it was a cold reaction everywhere.

The meaning of nowhere means that we sent inquiries from each political party and also sent mail to the local prefectural office

Only the Communist Party and the prefectural government responded as follows.

Communist Party replies by automatic mail (It is completely meaningless content.)
ご参考までに、新型肺炎問題に関するHPの特設ページを紹介します。Thank you very much for your mail.
Opinions will be reported to the party leadership and related departments, and will be used for future policy planning, publicity activities, parliamentary activities such as questions of the Diet, and editing of the “Shinbun Red Flag”.
For your reference, here is a special page on HP about the new pneumonia problem.
The prefectural office scrutinized the contents and received a reply.




Thank you for your suggestions on measures against the new coronavirus infection.
We will respond from the Industrial Policy Division, which is in charge of industrial promotion.

It is said that you have a business concept of creating an inventory map of masks and disinfecting and sanitizing products using IT technology. Wholesalers, retailers, etc.).
In addition, the prefecture does not have the authority to provide guidance to the distribution of sanitary materials, etc., and cannot judge the right or wrong of XX’s concept.

As prefecture, we want to work on prevention of expansion of coronavirus infectious disease and support of small and medium-sized business of affected prefecture sequentially, thank you for your understanding.

In addition, about the data request of the stock quantity, several companies replied from the drug store,

I could not cooperate. (It was unfortunate as expected.)

Enter the following in [Contact Us]

A consumer of a mask.
I went to the store for a few days, but I couldn’t buy the mask yet, so I was in trouble.
Maybe it will be lined up in stores a little more, but I’m anxious about keeping stock at home.

In fact, in Taiwan, the stock of masks is displayed on a map with a smartphone, which is effective.
↓ Reference information

We are currently working on a similar smartphone app.
When completed, you can search for stores that have a stock of masks, disinfection and sanitization on the map.

However, it is necessary to have stock information data for retailers like your company.
I would like you to agree and see the contents of the system.

If you can reply, we will send you the specifications
Thank you for your consideration.


マツモトキヨシ お客様相談室 ○○でございます。




Thank you very much for your inquiry this time.
Matsumoto Kiyoshi Customer Consultation Office

This time, due to the shortage of masks, we are causing inconvenience,
I’m sorry for your apologies.

It is a request for a special occasion,
We have refused such cases.
Please pardon without evil.

I would like to humbly thank you.

The other three companies also responded that they could not cooperate.

Drugstores contact the top 10 companies, except for the above four companies

Couldn’t reply.


As mentioned above, it seems difficult at this time to disclose inventory data.

At present, inventory data cannot be disclosed because they are sold out on a first-come, first-served basis

That would be honest.


What I want to think about here is that masks prevent droplet infection of infected

people rather than prevention

Priority should be given to people who already have a medical condition

(such as pneumonia)

The government should take control.

So if you have a single voice, register your insurance card, doctor’s diagnosis, etc. on your smartphone, QR code,

Or issue a barcode to the smartphone and control the priority on the cash register

You can do it.


Also, the mask map is only one of the triggers for IT measures,

・ Inspection organization map
・ Body temperature recording function
-Tweet everyone’s voice with the smartphone app representative Twitter account
(It is not necessary to have a Twitter account)
・ Contact information for each organization
・ Barcode or QR code of insurance card
・ Visit to hospital, history of past illness and underlying disease
・ One-touch e-mails to health centers, such as body temperature records, medical history, health insurance cards, etc. (minimum telephone call)

Functions such as can be developed.



Japan’s coronavirus policy lacks “scientific support” and lacks information.

Some kind of IT policy is needed, and the attitude of disclosing information is being asked.

The situation does not seem to change. (I’m sorry.)

It was unacceptable for SMEs to work with map information on smartphone apps.

I would like to watch Japan’s IT policy led by Minister Takemoto.